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Code Of Ethics

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Code Of Ethics

I Dhyani D'Souza ( Certified Biddy Tarot, Tarot Advisor) read the Tarot in all areas of life.
If the client needs advice of which I am qualified, e.g. medical, legal, or financial, I will encourage them to seek proper professional help as I do not offer advice on areas for which I am not qualified.

I provide guidance and insight but I do not make any definitive predictions. I respect the free will of my clients but instead encourage them to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions following a reading.

I will endeavor to serve my clients with professional and integrity, always with the clients interest in mind. And I will maintain the highest level of confidentiality and privacy, and will not share the client's information before, during and after a reading without their prior consent unless required by a court of law.

All clients will be treated with absolute respect regardless of race, sex, country, religions, or sexual preference.

I will serve the best interests of my clients in a professional manner and do no harm. All clients will be treated honestly, with respect, compassion, sensitivity and non-judgmentally. And I will strive to inspire and courage.

I will not do third party reading without prior consent from the person concerned.

Readings for minors under 18 will require the consent of at least one parent or guardian.

I reserve the right to refer clients to a Professional if need be. e.g. such as a counselor

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