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Hello I'm
Dhyani D'Souza

Welcome to Dhyani's Tarot, where spirituality is made the guiding light to transform lives. I'm Dhyani D'Souza, your trusted Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Advisor. My mission is to provide a safe and empowering space for you to explore, heal, and discover your true potential. Whether you're seeking clarity, guidance, or simply curious to know what the cards have got to reveal about your life, contact me to get expert assistance every step of the way.



I am a New Zealander now living in Perth, Western Australia.  After a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry, where I had the privilege of serving various community members, celebrities politicians, and individuals like you and me.  I gained invaluable experience in customer service and the art of caring for people. It was a joy to be a part of their special moments, creating lasting memories.

During my personal Quest for self-discovery, I embarked on a transformative journey to India, where I was introduced to the world of Tarot. 

Upon returning to Australia, I spent over two years reading Tarot at a humble market stall.  I temporarily set it aside until I was drawn back, inexplicably and irresistibly, several years later.

This led me to pursue the "Biddy Tarot Certification" course, which transformed my Tarot practice from a simple reader to a professional Tarot Advisor.

Now, under the banner of "Dhyani's Tarot: Tarot From The Heart," I have established my own business.​

As a Tarot Advisor, I have discovered the profound impact of combining Tarot and Oracle cards. This allows for a deeper understanding that I can then share, to enrich the lives of those who have entrusted me with this great privilege. 

​My intention is to be of service and to work in the light for the betterment of Humankind. It is this calling that prompted me to establish Dhyani's Tarot.

 I am proud to be a member of the "Tarot Guild Of Australia" and have taken on the role of Coordinator for the Perth branch of the Guild. In this capacity, I organise meetings and arrange speakers for our monthly gatherings, held every second Saturday.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with you, and I look forward to serving you on your own unique journey.

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