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It's Quite On The Cards!

Updated: Apr 24

Being Co-ordinator of The Tarot Guild Perth I have the advantage of organising speakers for each meeting.

Saturdays (10/4) meeting had me very intriqued to say the least. We were going to find out ‘Who did it.’ Yes, ‘Who did it,’ you see we were going to explore the Sherlock Holmes Tarot with Barbie Davidson. She is our longest serving member, she has a wealth of knowledge and many tricks up her sleeve. The Sherlock Holmes Tarot being one of them.

After, exploring the deck with Barbie, we got to test our detective skills with our own decks to see ‘Who did it.”

Each table chose a dealer, a scribe and a spokesperson.

Then we were instructed to separate the Court Cards, and the Minor Arcana Cards. Then we shuffled the Court Cards to represent the accused we pulled a card ad placed it in the middle of the table.

We shuffled the Minors next and chose a card to represent the crime and placed it under the accused.

The dealer then shuffled the whole deck this time and pulled three cards and they were placed on the left of the accused in a vertical line. Representing the Prosecutors Case.

After shuffling the cards again, the cards for the Defence, three cards drawn, placed on the right in a vertical line.

Now we become judge and jury. With cards and their placements. Now it was our job to decide if the accuser is guilty or not guilty.

When we came to our verdicts, each table then shared their verdicts. We certainly got to know people a bit more in this process.

What a creative, really fun way to use the cards, being with friends and going deeper with the cards. And we had a great coach in Barbie.

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