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The Chakras!

Updated: Apr 24

I was looking forward to our next TGA meeting here in Perth, ‘Journey of The Chakra Cards.’

I have always been interested in the the Chakra System and how and what each Chakra represented. Using a specially developed and designed system by Alyssa Curtayne had me very curious.

The system consisted of nine decks, one for each Chakra, a tantric deck for sexuality, and a Universal Consciousness deck for working through the eighth/aura Chakra. Each deck has 54 cards, each with a specific questions relating to each Chakra aligning with the traditional Chakra system.

This was an interactive workshop, where we pulled a card, what would have been a card for each Chakra, but for time constraints we were guided by Alyssa as to which Chakras we would work with. Her knowledge was intense and vast, and I really felt safe with her. She was grounded and strong in her delivery.

Whilst taking part and as we went through different Chakras, I found it amazing how each card pulled, connected up creating a story of where I am right now. And when I pulled a Tarot Card with the corresponding Chakra Card it really blew me away. It was fascinating the connection, and the story they created.

The story goes deeper, the feelings go deeper, the realizations went deeper. This was a very powerful exercise and as I got those lightbulb moments I would see what a powerful and transformational system the Chakra Cards are and using them along side your Tarot Cards it made the experience that more insightful.

If, you would like to know more about the Chakra Cards you can go to Alyssa’s website

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