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The WA Tarot Conference 2023

Updated: Apr 24

The alarm sounding loud and clear at 10 to 6am in the morning.

This is the day of the 1st Tarot Conference here in Perth.

We were nearly ready to go. To make things easier, we packed the night before, were on our way by 7.30 am and arrived at the Italian Club where the Conference was being held at about 8 am.

It was smooth sailing. The table, just how I envisaged and it looked great. We were ready to go and on time.

The theme of the Conference was ‘The Fool’ where Guest Speakers presentations were themed around their interpretations of The Fool the first card of the Major Arcana in a Tarot Deck.

The Guest Speakers all well known practitioners in WA sharing their creativity to the wider audience were informative, engaging, interactive, funny and entertaining. They were; Annie Labri -psychic Medium, Tarot and Crystal Reader, Life Coach, Mentor, and Women’s Empowerment. Rose Monaro - Author, Angel/Tarot Card Reader, Life Coach and mentor. Donna Wignall - Professional Psychic Medium, Tarot Teacher, Author and creator of her own Tarot Deck, charms and Oracle Charms and Mentor. Vanessa Tomlinson - Career and Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Psychic and Spiritual Medium. Hayden Crawford - Wellness Coach, Colour Therapist, Reiki Master, and Numerologist.

I, along with my husband, were there representing The Tarot Guild of Australia, introducing this wonderful organisation whose mission is “To promote knowledge of the Tarot, inspire excellence and professionalism in our members and foster a supportive community of practice”

This is an organisation promoting Tarot since 1992. Which offers two levels of membership. Interest and professional and having regular workshops.

Their website is

There was a lot of interest in becoming members of the Guild. We had goodie bags available as a special thank you for their support.

I spoke to a lot of people, and as the Co-ordinator of the TGA’s Branch here in

Perth and was able to book Guest Speakers for every meeting until March next year. (2024) A big achievement as good speakers help to build a strong, inspiring group.

It is 5.30 pm, it’s time to pack up and say our good byes'. We had a wonderful time, and made new friends, there was some sadness but we felt good about the whole conference.

A great job was done this day and I have been invited to do the same next year. So, we have next year to look forward to but until then I look forward to building our Branch bigger and better here in Perth and promoting the TGA the best way possible.

Until next year when I can blog about year 2 we will be focusing on the Energy of The Magician in the year of ‘Strength,’ now, this is going to be very interesting!

Many Blessings!


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